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How To Drop 10+ Pounds Easily With The 8 Hour Diet

By Katy Cowley / a couple of years ago

The 8 hour diet plan works on the belief that your body is created for periods of fasting and eating. It involves eating over an eight-hour period, and then skipping calorie consumption for 16 hours each day. During the fasting period, your body is expected to focus on rest and repair, rather than continually processing the food you eat.

8 Hour Diet Review

The eight-hour window

The daily calories must be taken in only during the eight-hour window. If your calorie window, for example, is from 9AM to 5PM, then you must eat only during that time period. This window can be adjusted, depending on your schedule and can be changed in other days of the week. Your goal should be to eat this way at least thrice a week at the start of the diet, and then gradually increase until you can do it for seven days a week.

This diet was popularized by David Zinczenko, who authored the best-selling book, “Eat This Not That.” David promises that this program will allow you to lose up to 60 pounds, or more, while still eating whatever you want. They key to successfully completing the program is to consume calories only within the eight-hour window every day. Zinczenko claims he himself lost seven pounds by eating based on this method.

Overeating is a no-no

There are no forbidden foods on this diet plan. However, Zinczenko advises dieters that the program does not give them an excuse to overeat. It is a must to consider portion sizes all the time. Furthermore, Zinczenko discourages dieters from drinking sugary beverages as it means drinking calories.

Dieters must delay breakfast until the start of their food window. If you cannot start eating until 10Am, then you can start the day with a cup of coffee, water, or tea, and then doing some light exercises before eating. Snacks can be consumed as desired, as long as all the eating falls within the eight-hour window.

Focus on power foods

The eight-hour diet will teach you how to choose power foods over refined and processsed foods. It will also show you how it can gradually increase the diet’s effectiveness, and your overall health. The book provides suggestions on how you can easily incorporate the power foods into your diet plan.

8 hour diet sample meal plan:

  • Upon waking- water, coffee, or tea
  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with maple syrup, and blueberries; and coffee, tea, or water
  • Snack – 1 granola bar
  • Lunch – 2 slices of pizza, 1 apple, 1 bag of potato chips (8oz)
  • Snack – 1 brownie
  • Dinner – Grilled salmon steak, half cup ice cream, baked sweet potato with butter, and half cup of broccoli

Eight-minute workouts daily

Eight minutes is all you need for your daily workout. This is enough to turbocharge your body’s fat-burning process. The book has exercise suggestions for the most calorie burn.

8 hour diet pros

Calorie restriction is strongly advised for this diet program. You will successfully lose all the unwanted pounds if you find a way to control your calorie-intake. With only eight hours to consume food, you might be able to trick yourself by taking in fewer calories.

There is no need to deprive yourself. A lot of people have gone through so many fad diets that made them feel overly deprived, and this will negatively affect your long-term success. You have to learn how to feel great when making healthy choices, provided that they are done in moderation. Intermittent fasting has also shown impressive health benefits. There have been studies that support its effectiveness, so you might want to read more about this one.

8 hour diet cons

The authors claim that the food types do not matter much. However, it is extremely important to continue eating a balanced portion of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy carbs and fats. The authors do support a healthy lifestyle, but without too much restrictions.

Another challenge that you might face is surviving hunger in the evening. If you start eating at 8AM, then you can no longer eat anything past 4PM. It will take some time before you finally get used to the cycle.

It is also not suitable for people with unstable blood sugar. Make sure to consult your doctor before undergoing any diet and fitness program.

Does the 8 hour diet work?

In the end, the pros and cons seem to balance out but the diet does work. You can try the eight-hour diet by purchasing the book for only $26, and see how it will help you live a healthier lifestyle.


8 Hour Diet

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