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The Rapid Fat Loss 800 Calorie Meal Plan That Works!

By Katy Cowley / a couple of years ago

Are you tired of gaining weight as the day passes? Do you feel that wearing only loose dresses and tops is tiring? Do you desire to dress an attire that is at least 2-3 sizes smaller than the current one? Your appearance is crucial but you ought to think beyond just appearance. This is where the 800 calorie diet comes into play!


Think about the repercussions of overweight and the fat around your belly — how it might cause obesity which is a life-threatening disease. Even in some instances, it raises some mental health concerns.

With that in mind, it is right to make the smart choice. Choose to break your unhealthy habits to avoid multiple health problems.

To help you in that endeavor, we prescribe 800 calorie diet plan to follow for 3 days a week for one month.

This plan will aid you to kickstart your metabolism, melt stubborn fat, and lose water weight to reach your nutritional goals.

Let us now look at the three 3 day 800 calorie diet chart.

The 800 Calorie Diet Plan

This is what you will prepare and eat during the 3 days

 800 Calorie Diet Plan


Early Morning [7:30 – 8:00 a.m]:  Make 1 cup water with 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar.

Breakfast [8:45 – 9:15 a.m]:         Oatmeal with ½ an apple and 1 teaspoon maple syrup.

Or 2 boiled egg whites + 1 cup milk + ½ cup papaya

Lunch [12:00 – 12:30 p.m]:      Chicken clear soup

Or Sauteed veggies

Evening Snack [4:00 p.m]:             Green tea + 1 saltine cracker

Dinner [7:00 p.m]:                         Baked salmon and veggies

Or Kidney bean chili

How it is beneficial

Well! It is easy to ask why you should take apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of water to start your day. In weight loss terms, Apple cider vinegar is very effective. It is a crucial breakfast that contains complex carbs, protein, and dietary fiber. Try to keep your lunch a bit light but don’t forget to make it nutritious. It is also good to have green tea in the evening.

It contains plenty of antioxidants that will aid in removal of toxins in the body. As you take your dinner, let it be nutritious but also low in calorie.

If under any circumstances, you are allergic or just a picky eater, here are some substitutes foods to consider.

800 Calorie

The Red Tea Detox

Ingredients                                          Substitutes

Apple cider vinegar Ø  Lemon juice
Oatmeal Ø   Broken Wheat
Apple Ø  Pear
Maple syrup Ø  Organic honey
Chicken Ø  Turkey
Sauteed veggies Ø  Veggie salad/soup
Green tea Ø  Oolong tea
Saltine cracker Ø  Multigrain biscuit
Salmon Ø  Chicken
Kidney bean Ø  Garbanzo bean




Early Morning [7:30 – 8:00 a.m]:  1 cup fenugreek seed soaked water

Breakfast [8:45 – 9:15 a.m]:          Kale and pomegranate smoothie + 2 almonds

Or Quinoa + 2 almonds

Lunch [12:00 – 12:30 p.m]:            Veggie lettuce wrap

Or Tuna salad

Evening Snack [4:00 p.m]:            Green tea or grapefruit juice

Dinner [7:00 p.m]:                       Chickpea stuffed capsicum

 Or Grilled chicken breast with veggies

How it is beneficial

You will definitely support proper bowel movement and boost metabolism when you take some Fenugreek soaked water.

At the same time, there is a lot of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, to gain from Kale, quinoa, and pomegranate. This will make you full for more than 2 hours. Almonds, on the other hand, provide healthy fats needed to maintain cellular health and reduce inflammation in the body.

Instead of a heavy lunch that will weigh you down, the plan prescribes a light, nutritious lunch that keeps an individual active.

Green tea and grapefruit will suppress hunger and increase metabolic rate thereby reduce weight loss. The filling and tasty dinner in day 2 contains a substantial portion of protein.

If you happen to be allergic to any of the above foods, you can try out the following substitute ingredients.

Ingredients                                            Substitutes

Fenugreek seeds Ø  Cumin or fennel seeds
Kale Ø  Spinach
Pomegranate Ø  Orange or grapefruit
Quinoa Ø  Vegetable semolina or broken wheat
Almonds Ø  Walnuts or macadamia nuts
Lettuce Ø  Chinese cabbage
Tuna Ø  Salmon or chicken
Green tea Ø  Herbal tea
Grapefruit Ø  Orange
Chickpea Ø  Mushroom
Capsicum Ø  Tomato
Chicken breast Ø  Mackerel

The feeling at The End of Day 2

At the end of Day 2, the bloating will be less, and your digestive system will begin to work in a normal way. Productivity will increase, and any headache that emanates from poor health will be relieved. These positive effects will give you the confidence to continue day 3 of the diet plan.


Early Morning [7:30 – 8:00 a.m]: 1 cup warm water with lime juice and honey

Breakfast [8:45 – 9:15 a.m]:            1 boiled egg + 1 cup fat-free milk + ½ an apple

Or Avocado, celery, and chia seed smoothie

Lunch [12:00 – 12:30 p.m]:               Baba ganoush (reduce the tahini and oil amount) + 1 pita bread

Or Smoked ground turkey with spinach and tomatoes

Evening Snack [4:00 p.m]:                Green tea

Dinner [7:00 p.m]:                           Squash soup

Or Asian style sauteed chicken and veggies

How it is beneficial

Starting your day with honey and lime juice in a Warm glass of water is relaxing. While honey contains a lot of antibacterial properties, Lime is usually rich in vitamin C.  It is good to have the habit of eating a heavy breakfast before you head out to your work. A good breakfast ought to have substantial amounts of dietary fiber, complex carbs, healthy fats, and protein. On the third day, you are not limited but are free to explore nutritious and healthy options for lunch and dinner but ensure they are low-calorie.

As you keep your pangs of hunger pangs at bay, it is also wise to cut down in calories.  If you intend to lose weight, do not forget to include green tea in your plan.

For those who need substitutes to use on day 3, here are some.

Ingredients                                                                  Substitutes

Lime juice Ø  Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
Honey Ø  Ceylon cinnamon powder
Boiled egg Ø  Scrambled eggs or poached chicken breast
Milk Ø  Soymilk
Apple Ø   Plum
Baba ganoush Ø   Vegetable curry
Pita bread Ø   Wheat flatbread
Turkey Ø  Tuna/salmon/chicken
Spinach Ø  Kale/lettuce
Tomato Ø  Zucchini
Green tea Ø   Herbal tea or oolong tea
Squash Ø   Pumpkin
Chicken Ø   Turkey/basa fish


How You Will Feel By the End of Day 3

A lot of water weight will be lost at the end of the third day. This is not to say that the program will end here. In order to melt a substantial amount of fat, you will have to follow the 800 calorie diet for 3 days each week for a duration of one month.

Due to calorie changes, avoid exercising during the diet period but instead do it on non-diet days.

 Exercise Plan

Don’t over exercise during this period. Just limit your workout to 1 hour daily for the purpose of burning unnecessary fat in the body.

Some of the beneficial exercises to follow are:

Do the following 1 set of 10 reps

·         Neck rotations ·         Mountain climbers ·         Burpees
·         Shoulder rotations ·         Jumping jacks ·         Crunches
·         Arm circles ·         Scissor kicks ·         Pushups
·         Wrist rotations ·         Horizontal out kicks ·         Jumping forward lunges
·         Waist rotations ·         Squats
·         Ankle rotation ·         Explosive squats


Other exercises

Spot jogging – 3-7 minutes

Plank – 2 sets of 20 seconds hold

Yoga for weight loss

Meditation for awakening

The exercises are so simple that you can do them at your convenient time-either at office or home. Apart from these exercises, you can also do biking, hiking, dancing, swimming, playing any sport, etc.

Feeling after 1 Month

After completion of this diet plan, you will feel positive, alert, fit and more relaxed. Your mental capacity will also improve since there will be relief of depression, anxiety, and stress.

After the procedure, you will feel a sense of pride and success.

800 Calorie Diet Benefits

 What are the benefits that you will get out of the 800 calorie diet plan?

This is a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) plan – The plan will give a chance to eat low-calorie food without compromising on the nutritional content. The best thing about VLCDs is that an individual will loss of weight at a faster rate without being weak and inactive.

The plan aims to check on the high-calorie foods and avoid it while at the same time increase the uptake of high energy foods.

As you follow the plan for 3 days on a weekly basis, you will increase the fat metabolization rate and kickstart the metabolism process. In that manner, there will be a reduction in the development of life-threatening diseases like digestive issues, heart problems, infertility, and respiratory disorders.

It is Convenient– For those who have no time for gym and other physical exercises, this plan is suitable for them.

The plan is Relieving– The people who suffer from apnea can greatly benefit from this 800 calorie diet.

The calories that you normally consume on a daily basis are far more 800 calories. For that reason, it is always safe to take some precautionary measures before undertaking the plan.


Here are the precautions to take:

  • The first and foremost thing is to talk to your dietician doctor or before commencing diet plan to ensure it is suitable for you.
  • Give your body adequate time to adjust to this diet plan. If there is a sudden change in diet, the body tends to react in some way. Forcing it on your body might cause diarrhea and fatigue due to the poor calorie intake.
  • Do not overdo it. While losing a few pounds is healthy and important, you should ensure you take breaks between the weeks. Continuously undertaking VLCDs plans might contribute to various long-term problems on heart, kidney, and liver functions.

All-in-all, carefully a low-calorie diet intermittently gives your body adequate time to remove toxins, repair damage and prevent the metabolism from plateauing.

Now you have adequate knowledge about the 800 calorie diet plan. Start it today lose some weight to stay happy and healthy!


About the author

Katy Cowley

Katy has a great amount of knowledge when it comes to all things health. She has spent time testing out the latest diets, fitness techniques and more to make sure that she can provide you with solid information.