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The Banana Diet For Weight Loss Explained

By Katy Cowley / a couple of years ago

Banana Diet

The banana diet offers a safe and effective way of losing weight fast. The good thing about this diet plan is that your meals can be varied, and only few beverages or foods are prohibited. However, it still has rules that you need to follow in order to make it effective.

You can actually lose up to 6 pounds of body weight in just a few days with this diet. This article will give you all the information you need to kickstart the banana diet, and finish with a sexier body.

Banana Diet Benefits

It is true that bananas are rich in sugar. This is why many experts doubt the weight loss effects of this fruit. When the intake is controlled, eating bananas will not make you gain weight. There are people who eat tons of bananas, or any fruit, every day, but still get to maintain their ideal body weight because they do not combine their fruity meals with high-fat options.

The key to successfully pulling off the banana diet is to avoid fatty foods. They accumulate into your fat cells when combined with sugary foods. When you incorporate banana into your meals, you will enjoy improved digestion, natural removal of harmful toxins, and glowing skin.

Bananas have so many health benefits to offer. The fruit is well-known for having high potassium content, but it also has high amounts of magnesium and B vitamins. Bananas do not have cholesterol or fat. They are good for your bones and heart, as well as kidneys and the nervous system. They can also help boost your overall mood, and immune system.

The banana diet is a quick way of shedding those extra pounds without eating boring and tasteless meals. The fruit can help your body produce serotonin, or the happy hormone. It means you should not feel any blues as you stick to this diet. The whole program lasts for three to four days, and you can lose up to six to eight pounds.

Banana Diet – The Meal Plan

The great thing about the banana diet is that it doesn’t require you to restrict your calories. So you won’t feel hungry!

All you need to do is replace your regular amount of calories with bananas. A typical medium banana contains about 100 calories.

So if you are a female eating 2,000 calories per day – that’s about 20 bananas. If you are a male eating 3,000 calories per day, that’s about 30 bananas.

Divide your regular daily calories by 3 and you will get the amount you need to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For example 2,000 divided by 3 = approximately 660 calories, or about 6-7 bananas per meal.

Make sure to gradually return to your regular eating habits to prevent the yo-yo effect. Give yourself two to three days to recover, and avoid processed or fatty foods as well as alcoholic and sugary beverages. Kickstart your normal eating with fresh fruits and vegetables, and slowly add variety into your diet and increase your calorie intake.

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