10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ganoderma

10 Amazing Benefits of Ganoderma

Ganoderma is more known by people across the globe as a healthy coffee drink. However, it should be noted that ganoderma lucidum is a form of herb that has been known for centuries as a health-boosting source. Aside from being a popular coffee drink, it also comes in the form of liquid extracts and capsules. This type of edible fungus, which is said to be better than Ginseng, is a well-known medicinal herb in eastern medicine.

Benefits of Ganoderma

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Ganoderma has been known for its oxygenating and alkalizing abilities to help the body establish a lifetime of good health. This herb is capable of removing the reasons behind arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, cancer, and many other health conditions. Diseases cannot survive in a highly-oxygenated environment, which is why ganoderma became popular. This superb herb oxygenates the body, and balances its PH level for improved overall health. Here are other reasons why you should consider taking ganoderma:

Promotes Weight Loss

Ganoderma is perfect for those who are struggling to drop the unwanted weight. This is because the body needs oxygen to keep systems regulated. If you increase your body’s oxygen level, your metabolism will be higher. This effect results in weight loss.

Prevents Alcohol-Induced Liver Diseases

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This edible fungus is highly-beneficial for people who are prone to, or who already are in the early stages of, alcohol-induced liver diseases, such as cirrhosis and fatty liver. Ganoderma is known as a liver protectant. Studies show that this type of herb significantly reduced the SGPT and SGOT levels of patients suffering from elevated liver enzymes and hepatitis B within a month. Three months later, all values have reached their healthy levels.

Keeps Uterine Lining Healthy

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If you are suffering from uterine mayoma, a condition where a solid non-cancerous tumor grows in the uterine wall, then you can consider taking ganoderma. This herb is said to have the ability to keep the uterine lining from producing both histamine, an inflammation-causing chemical, and basic fibroblast growth factor, a chemical that triggers fibroid growth.

Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

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Ganoderma was found to have the ability to lower both blood-cholesterol and blood pressure. Scientists have discovered that ganoderma hinders the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries of lab animals. Other studies have also shown that the herb has positive effects on high blood pressure in humans. In addition, researchers said ganoderma works better than a placebo in terms of reducing blood pressure.

Fights Against Cancer

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Ganoderma Lucidum helps boost your body’s immune system and combats cancer cells. Some studies have shown that this herb may prevent cancer metastasis. While researchers have yet to find the reasons behind the fungus’ health-boosting abilities, they have discovered its potential power in cancer treatment.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

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For centuries, ganoderma has been prescribed to people who are suffering from angine and stress. Chinese researchers suggested that this herb promotes blood circulation and reduces oxygen consumption in the heart. Meanwhile, Japanese scientists found similar findings, saying ganoderma can also prevent blood clots. A Russian study also discovered that this herb can help prevent plaque build-up on the artery walls.

Fights Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary tract infections are normally caused by bacteria. Symptoms include painful urination, fever, and lower abdominal cramping. Studies show that taking ganoderma lucidum extract daily may help relieve UTI symptoms. However, this move is not advisable for people taking blood thinning medications as high doses of ganoderma can thin blood.

Prevents Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease largely affects older people. It is a degenerative disorder that makes it difficult for affected people to move, leading to tremors. Chinese scientists found that ganoderma may help fight the disease by preventing nerve cell degeneration. It was also discovered to have preventive abilities against Alzheimer’s disease.

Helps Address Insomnia and Fatigue

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People who suffer from insomnia may be able to experience a good night’s sleep after drinking ganoderma coffee. Chinese researchers suggested that ganoderma lucidum induced sleep in laboratory rats. They also discovered that ganoderma can help alleviate fatigue.

Contains Antioxidants

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Antioxidants help boost the body’s immune system and overall health by targeting the free radicals that cause cell damage. Studies show that ganoderma contains a high concentration of antioxidants, higher than any other antioxidant-rich food. Researchers say that some components of the herb have been responsible for its high antioxidant levels.


Ganoderma comes in various forms, such as coffee, liquid extract, and capsule. Its health benefits have made it popular, especially in eastern countries. It would be wise, however, to seek your physician first before taking it. This is because some people experience side effects like dry throat and nausea when taking ganoderma. It may also be unsafe for pregnant women, children, nursing mothers, and those with certain medical conditions, which is why you need to seek your doctor’s approval before trying ganoderma.

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