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Best 4 Slice Toaster (We Put The Top 7 Under The Heat)

Best 4 Slice Toaster

The 4 Slice Toaster Buying Guide

A slice toaster is always a fundamental appliance for any kitchen. It is used mainly for cooking different types of bread as well as bread-based foods on one or even both sides. How do you buy it? When you have a complete 4 slice toaster buying guide, you will always know the factors to consider during your purchase. Here is a guide that will enable you to select the finest one:

Learn more about Slice Toasters

Put sliced bread as well as bread products vertically to the customary electric toaster before pressing the lever. In addition, the amount of cooking intensity and time often vary according to the features and settings of the machine. Conventional slice toasters can heat a wide range of bread-based foods, including toaster pastries, sliced bread, English muffins, bagels, waffles, and sandwich buns. You should know its ability to use one before you can buy from the market.

The Capacity

One of the most prominent features in slice toasters is the number of slices it can hold at once. They normally come in 2-slice or 4-slice capacity. You should make a decision on whether you would buy a 2-slice or 4-slice capacity from the market. Any of them often have benefits and shortcomings that you must know during your purchase. For instance, a conveyor slice toaster provides a higher slice capacity when compared to the traditional vertical slice toasters.


Most slice toasters are made from materials like chrome, stainless steel, and even durable plastic derivatives. You should know what you would buy especially when you need a good deal from the market. For instance, a stainless steel slice toaster may coordinate well with your stainless steel dishwashers, refrigerators, and ranges. You will have an easy time cleaning them since they are stainless steel.


Browning settings often vary to the type of bread-based item or bread placed in the slice toaster and personal preferences. You should choose one with the highest number of setting if you need the best results. Personal research in the market will always enable you to know the best slice toasters during your purchase.

Sizes of Slice Toasters

The amount of space available for countertop is a significant factor in slice toaster size. In addition, compact models are often helpful when trying to save counter space is your priority. For instance, 4-slice toasters often have extra convenience feature for additional space when compared to 2-slice models. You should know the features that work for you well before you can buy one.

Heating and Safety Elements

The task of slice toasting is often performed by a heating element. When the filament grid exposes bread or any bread item to a direct heat, you will always toast it perfectly. You should ensure that you choose the best heating element if you need the best results.

Safety is also key when buying slice toasters. You should know what would work for you during your purchase.

In conclusion, the above complete 4 slice toaster buying guide should help you learn on how to make an informed decision when purchasing from the market.

Top 7 4 Slice Toasters

1. Cuisinart CPT 180

This fantastic toaster is equipped with a custom control panel that allows the user to choose between 6 different brown settings, dual reheat and also LED indicators. One unique aspect of this device is the option to select bagel or bread slice. Finally, it’s got a useful defrost option, so those mornings that you didn’t plan ahead won’t get you down. These handy dual control panels are encased in a stainless steel outer shell that will look sleek and modern on your kitchen counter.

2. Hamilton Beach 24910

With cancel and auto shutoff options this toaster won’t ever get away with burning your bread. If you’ve got a busy morning and don’t have time to monitor the progress, you won’t need to worry. When your scrambling to get out the door the high-lift boost feature makes it simple and easy to grab your finished product, without burning your fingers! Cleanup is a breeze when it comes to this fantastic toaster; it’s got a crumb tray that slides out with ease. You won’t experience uneven cooking or malfunction due to crumb build-up in the toaster. Lastly, it’s shade selector ensures that your toast is done right, every time.

3. Bella Linea

Customized toasting is no problem for this flashy red toaster. With defrost, reheat, and bagel settings, no matter what you are planning to eat, it’s not a problem with this Bella Linea item. If you change your mind or need to add one more slice the cancel option is always available. Fully equipped with 6 shade settings, this toaster will brown your bread perfectly every time. The under body cord storage and crumb tray make cleanup and storage simple and easy. The extra wide slots fit bagels, French bread, and waffles and you won’t burn your fingers taking them out thanks to the high lift lever.

4. Cuisinart CPT 435

This toaster is an improvement on the previously mentioned Cuisinart 180. It comes with many of the same great features, but also adds blue LED function buttons and 7 shade settings instead of 6. The blue backlit panel really makes this toaster look modern and you will enjoy seeing it in your kitchen daily.

5. Royal Stainless Steel Toaster

This powerful toaster heats up with 850 watts so your toast, bagels, and baguettes will be ready quickly. The product is extremely safe and comes with an innovative cool touch exterior. You won’t need to worry about you or any young ones burning themselves on this toaster. Cleaning is made easy and stress-free with two different crumb trays. Lastly, with 7 different browning settings you and ensure that your breakfast or snack are done perfectly.

6. Westinghouse WT44BA

This sleek, modern looking toaster comes in a beautiful black. With extra wide slots, you won’t need to give another thought to toasting whatever bread you have around the house. Safety needn’t be a concern with a convenient cancel button and cool to the touch encasement. The toast shade function on this product is electronic, allowing for more precise direction. You will enjoy using this product and showing your friends!

7. Breville BTA 840XL

This toaster looks great and works even better. With a simple and functional LED panel controlling the browning of the bread and the brushed housing around the toaster you will get the job done and like the product doing the work. The most interesting and unique aspects of this toaster are its look and lift function along with the end of cycle beep. If you aren’t in the room you will be notified about your toast so it doesn’t get cold.

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