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Best Can Openers (We Take The Lid Off The Top 7 For 2017)

Best Can Openers

Things to Consider when Buying a Can Opener

Can openers are among those few household items that are capable of driving us completely insane. Which is curious, considering how small and non-consequential they seem. After all, they just open cans… except when they don’t.

Can openers are the type of product that has much more faulty varieties, than decent ones, which makes purchasing a good, working can opener (let alone – a high quality one) – a pure nightmare, sometimes.

So what should you look for when buying a can opener?

Well, here are some pointers:

  • The manufacturer – there are several producers of household items, including can openers, that have deserved their name. We’ll go into them below.
  • The material – either it has stainless-steel blades, or you should ignore it. The rest of the device should be sturdy as well.
  • The type of can opener – now this is tricky since the type you want depends on your own preferences. Suffice it to say you should think carefully how and for what you’re going to use it.
  • The price – There’s a ton of cheap and useless can openers out there, but there are products that can be cheap and have high quality at the same time – after all, it’s a simple device at its core.

Alright, so we mentioned that there are different types of can openers, but what are they? Well, there are the electric or “hands-free” can openers that can be very easy to use, but also have a higher chance to malfunction. There are the commercial can openers that are rarely seen in a household. And there are also a plethora of manual can openers, best summarized as either top cut or side cut can openers – the choice between those is entirely up to your needs and preferences.

But wait, isn’t the brand the most important thing? Well, sure, the brand is quite important quality-wise, although it shouldn’t be the first thing you look for. But still, which are the best brands out there? Well, the list can be either long or quite short, depending on your definition of quality, but here are the few sure-fire brands that you can’t go wrong with – Hamilton, Zyliss, OXO, Cutco Good Cook, Black+Decker.

Last but not least is the question of where should you go if you had to just pick one place that’d ensure the perfect purchase. Places for buying a can opener, after all, can be found on literally every corner. Online, the best bets are places like the obvious Amazon, as well as other websites like Williams-Sonoma, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Everything Kitchen, or others, as well as the websites of many other physical shops. As for those, you’ll rarely be wrong to go to places like Wallmart, IKEA, Target and various other convenient stores, as long as they have the reputation of high-quality merchandise.

And if you’re wondering “Wait? A can opener? Why would I need a can opener?!” We suggest you put down the knife you’ve been mistreating all these years by jamming it into cans. Go out and get a nice, easy to use can opener that’d make your life much easier and end your knife’s suffering. This means a proper can opener is a must-have for every household.

7 Best Can Openers 2017

1. Zyliss Can Opener

The Zyliss 20362 can opener one of the best manual can opener. It is made of stainless steel and is used for opening cans of different shapes and sizes. It is twisted at the handle hence it gives a better hand grip. In addition, it becomes easier to open cans easily and comfortably. The handles are made of rubber which makes it easy to turn when opening cans. In addition, the opener comes with a magnetic device which helps in lifting the lid. It is small in size which makes it easy to fit in small cabinets. Further, it is easy to clean after use. People should buy the opener since it does not subject one to cuts when handling sharp edges of a can.

2. The Black & Decker Can Opener

This is the best can opener that helps in utilizing space. The Black & Decker CO85 can be fitted under the cabinet which makes it easy to open big and small containers. It is one of the convenient accessories one should have in the kitchen since it comes with a bottle opener and a knife sharpener. It is easy to mount and comes with a level which is adjusted depending on the can you want to open. People should buy the opener since it does not occupy counter space and is perfect for those who want to open cans frequently.

3. West Bend Can Opener

It is an electric small can opener. It is available either as metallic or black color. It runs on 70 watts of power. As an important kitchen accessory; it’s effective in opening tall cans. Once the user finishes opening the can, it shuts down automatically. It’s made of different parts which makes it easy to clean. In addition, it has an inbuilt knife sharpener on the back. People should buy the opener because it does not occupy a lot of counter space since it’s quite small.

4. Zwilling J.A Henckels Twin Pure Can Opener

It operates using pressure. It pops up the seal between the lids. When you compare with the conventional can openers, it is easy to use and does not contaminate the food contents in the can. It is easier to store and wash. In addition, it comes with a knob which makes it comfortable for one to use. The opener also gives a good hand grip and is steady as you cut around thanks to the convenient guide rail. People should buy it since it can even be used by people with hand pain.

5. Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

It opens cans by a touch of a button and eliminates sharp edges by creating a re-sealable lid. The opener is perfect for individuals with hand problems since it does not require any manual labor. People should buy the opener since it works well with people with arthritis.

6. Progressive International Safety I-Can Opener

It is perfect in removing stubborn lids without difficulty. It can be used by right and left-handed people. It keeps the lands off the lids through the touch-less system. People should buy it since it best fits homes with young children due to the safety features.

7. Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener

This is a heavy-duty can opener that opens lids without creating sharp edges. The gear-driven blade is rust-resistant.It opens the cans without touching food contents. People should buy the opener since it does not warp or stain since it is professionally built.

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