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Hot Air Popcorn Poppers Buying Guide

An air popcorn maker is a fairly simple machine, but you need to be aware of a few features before you make your purchase. One of the first things you must consider is the company behind your hot air corn popper.

When you start comparing companies, you need to keep in mind these items. Do they have a warranty policy which you can expect to work? Some companies products are manufactured overseas, and the warranty requires you ship it overseas for replacement. We all know what this means, we are going to throw it in the trash and go buy a new one. A high-quality unit like the Orville Redenbacher air corn popper from Presto includes a two-year warranty and is supported by one of the world’s most respected companies, with warranty locations around the world.

You also need to evaluate the customer reviews on the air popcorn maker. Some companies and their air popcorn machine consistently receive very low marks. There are constant complaints about failures. Amazingly, the Presto hot air popcorn maker not only is one of the lowest prices but consistently gets the highest reviews. Where many products have complaints on the hot air corn popper only lasting for a few months, you will find many people talking about using their Presto machines for over ten years. There are other high-quality units on the market, but few with the price to its quality level.

Make sure to look for an air popcorn maker which has all the features you want. You want to make sure it has a measuring cup for the popcorn, so you do not overfill the popcorn maker. If you like buttered popcorn, make sure it includes a way to melt your butter. There is no reason to need to use the microwave, or stove to melt your butter. You might as well keep the clean-up to a minimum.

Your air popcorn maker should also be very good at keeping unpopped kernels to a minimum. A good quality air popcorn machine will usually only have 2 or 3 unpopped kernels left behind.

One thing you should avoid in your hunt for an air popcorn machine is the “decorative” touch. You can find many fancy andnostalgic looking hot air popcorn makers, but you will usually discover they have two major problems. They are usually much more expensive, with much lower quality. You will commonly discover their warranty is shorter, and their reported failure rates much higher. The other complaint you commonly find is the taste of the popcorn is not as high. These machines are designed to be pretty, not efficient.

Sticking to a high-quality manufacturer for your air pop maker will be your best choice. You will have better-tasting popcorn, with an air popcorn machine which lasts for years. You can expect easier clean-up, and a much more enjoyable experience when you stick with a quality company. Check out the warranties, price, and reviews, and you will most likely end up with a quality air popcorn maker from Presto.

Gourmet popcorn may pop 40 to 62 times bigger than its original seed. Each seed will be inspected pertaining to size along with color and placed in categories. There are two main shapes involving gourmet popcorn, the particular mushroom, and the butterfly. You can tell the difference by following how the popcorn is popped.

5 Best Hot Air Popcorn Popper Machines

1. Presto 04820 Hot Air popcorn Popper

This is one popcorn popper that has proven quite reliable. Given the speed at which it prepares your popcorns, coupled with the quality it offers, it is simply impressive. If you are looking for a speedy popper that will ensure the exact quality you always desire, this is the popcorn popper to go for. Given the size, you might be tempted to think that being small means inefficiency, but that would be until you try it out. And yes, this size makes it quite convenient since you will not require too much space to store it. What is more exciting about this popcorn maker is the fact that you can use gourmet and regular popcorn with it. It works without oil which means that you will reduce calorie intake in your body.

2. West Bend 82306 Electric Popcorn Popper

This is yet another popcorn popper machine in the market that will baffle you with its outstanding features. Combining convenience and effectiveness, this popcorn popper comes with a motorized stirring rod which eliminates the need for you to stir manually. Perhaps this is one of the most outstanding features of this popcorn popper. What’s more, it comes with a nonstick coated popping surface which ensures utmost cleanliness. With heat resistant Handles and base, you can handle it even when it’s warm. To ice the cake, this popcorn popper eliminates the need for you to get an extra bowl to use since its lid can be used as a serving bowl.

3. Wabash Valley Farms Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Coming with an outstanding design and some amazing features, this popcorn popper also makes its way to the top products in the market. Given its whimsical design coupled with an outstanding construction, this popcorn popper is simply unique. Its performance is simply out of question. With an ability to prepare 6 quarts of tasty and crunchy popcorns in less than 3 minutes, this is ridiculously fast. What makes it second to none is its patented stirring mechanism which works to keep the kernel from burning or sticking. This makes cleaning quite easy since you can do it using a tissue paper.

4. Waring Professional Popcorn Maker

Keeping the old theater style, this waring pro popcorn popper integrates some new technology to bring a combination of what I would call “new technology in an old design”. Given its design, its performance remains top-notch. And yes, what will baffle you is its amazing price. The price should not, however, be taken to mean that it is less effective. It can make well over 8 cups at a time. And its detachable kettle coupled with an awesome magnetized door crown it up.

5. Nordic Microwave Popcorn Popper

The price of this popcorn popper is simply amazing. Given its outstanding performance, it can easily be mistaken for the most expensive popcorn popper machine. With an ability to hold a capacity of 12 cups, what will shock you is the number of cups it can make in a minute. Giving an opportunity for you to decide whether to use oil or not, it is simply amazing.

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