Top 10 Best Onion Choppers

By Katy Cowley / 4 years ago

Though onions are an important flavor-enhancing ingredient in a lot of recipes, slicing onions can be incredibly tiresome because of that strong tear-jerking aroma. It’s no wonder more people are turning to vegetable and onion choppers to get this chore done quickly. Choppers are useful kitchen devices that can chop or slice onions more efficiently while avoiding the odor that comes from them.

Best Onion Choppers

1. Briefton’s Manual Food Chopper

The Briefton’s Manual Food Chopper is powerful enough to chop and slice most foods and not just onions. With its immensely sharp stainless steel blades, it can slice, dice and mince most vegetables and fruits. The chopper is composed of top quality durable plastic parts that are also free of harmful phthalates and BPA. It provides about 3 cups worth of chopped food and it can be disassembled to be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use as well, plus you can take it with you when you travel since it’s small and light.

2. Freshware KT-402 3-in-1 Onion Chopper

Another favorite among users is the Freshware KT-402 3-in-1 Onion Chopper. It can slice, chop and mince several onions at once saving you time and effort. Aside from that, it can also chop various fruits and vegetables. Unlike other choppers where the food is processed inside the bowl, this chopper pushes food down through the blades at the top, effectively slicing them as they land in the compartment. There are three interchangeable stainless steel blade designs that are very sharp but also safe to use. The plastic compartment is BPA-free and does a great job of keeping odors from escaping.

3. Kitchen Aid KFC3511GA 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

When it comes to electric choppers, the Kitchen Aid KFC3511GA 3.5-Cup Food Chopper is one of the best. It’s a small food processor that handles all your chopping and slicing. This electric chopper is also equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel blades and a powerful motor, plus it includes an attachment for incorporating wet ingredients to your food. It efficiently cuts up onions, as well as other vegetables and fruits. The plastic container is BPA-free and holds up to 3 and a half cups of chopped food. There are two speed settings to choose from: chop and puree.

4. Kuuk Vegetable and Fruit Dicer

The Kuuk Vegetable and Fruit Dicer is designed to press food down from the top and through the blades of the chopper. The stainless steel blades are quite tough and work well for onions and other vegetables and fruits. The plastic container is hard-wearing and BPA-free and an added benefit is the quality of the container which effectively keeps the odor of the chopped onion inside. It’s also easy to use and no problem to clean. Aside from that, it’s safe to wash by hand but it can also be placed in the dishwasher.

5. Ohana Magic Onion/Garlic/Tomatoes/Salsa Chopper

A nifty and trendy-looking item that will look great in your kitchen, the Ohana Magic Chopper slices and chops with ease various fruits and vegetables including onions. This chopper works by spinning its blades to slice onions finely. The sliced pieces are then safely gathered from the bottom of the container. This chopper is small and lightweight while the stainless steel blades are strong and sharp. It’s also designed for safety and convenience and can be cleaned by hand. Another useful feature is the unique design and well-built container which contains onion odors.

6. Orblue All-In-One Onion Holder, Odor Remover, and Chopper

The Orblue All-In-One Onion Holder, Odor Remover, and Chopper stands out from other choppers since it’s used to pierce food rather than being a container with a chopping device. It’s designed with a plastic handle attached with sharp stainless steel tines at the end that can hold onions and other vegetables in place while you slice them thinly with a knife. This chopper makes it easy to chop onions into equal sizes since all you need to do is to slice between the uniformly spaced tines. The plastic handle is also durable and well-made with non-slip material to lessen the danger of accidents.

7. OXO Good Grips Chopper

One of the easiest to use and most budget-friendly choppers is the OXO Good Grips Chopper. You merely press down the top of this manual chopper to get the blades inside the container to spin and start slicing. Using it requires little effort, and assembling it and taking it apart for cleaning is quick and easy as well. The compartment is also well-constructed to keep in odors like those from onions, while the base of the chopper is made of non-slip material to keep the chopper in place while you’re using it.

8. Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper

For a chopper that can quickly slice or dice onions, you should consider the Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper. This chopper is made of top quality BPA-free plastic and the sharp blades are stainless steel. To chop onions or any fruit or vegetable, simply position the food at the top of the container and press down the cover for the food to go through the blades. There are three blade designs to choose from so you can choose to slice, mince or cut your food into cubes. This chopper is also easy to use and can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher.

9. Vegetable’s Chef Onion, Vegetable, Fruit, and Cheese Chopper

Versatile and excellent in slicing different kinds of food, the Vegetable’s Chef Onion, Vegetable, Fruit, and Cheese Chopper makes preparing your ingredients quick and easy. The container is solid and sturdy with stainless steel blades that are powerful and sharp. There are three blades you can switch up depending on the need: whether it’s dicing, chopping or slicing. The cover is coated with rubber for a better and safer grip while the bottom is fitted with non-slip material so you can place the chopper securely on any surface. This chopper is also safe for dishwasher cleaning.

10. Vidalia Chop Wizard

The Vidalia Chop Wizard is one of the most recommended choppers in the industry. It does a splendid job of chopping, slicing or dicing not only onions, but also other fruits and vegetables. With this chopper, food is pushed down through the blades and into the container which can hold up to two cups of chopped food. Made of high quality plastic, this chopper is tough and long-lasting. It makes your work much easier and quicker, plus it successfully contains the odors from the onions inside the container.

Onion choppers are wonderful devices that can help you prepare your food in less time and with little effort, not to mention save you from tears. Whichever chopper you select, whether it’s manual or electric, be sure to consider important factors like the chopper’s performance, durability and versatility.

Onion Chopper Buying Guide

Slicing onions can be tedious, which is why a chopper can come in handy. Slicers come in various designs, which is why it is important to know how you can purchase the right one for your needs. Read on.

Tips when buying onion slicer

There are important factors to consider when looking for the best onion slicer:

  • Material – Choose one that is made of stainless steel for durability
  • Blade – Get a stainless steel blade. It is also important to know how it is sharpened and whether it will need professional help or be sharpened using special tools. You can also search for choppers with removable blades that let you sharpen using a sharpening stone.
  • Ease of cleaning – Look for one that is dishwasher safe.
  • Size – The bigger choppers are designed for heavy-duty use, while the smaller ones are good for home kitchen counters.
  • Safety features – Onion slicers must have safety features to prevent accidents, particularly an automatic stop.
  • Attachments – If you want to cut onions in various ways, search for a model with attachments.

Slicer types

There are many types of onion choppers to choose from, such as:

  • Mandoline – It is a board with a sharp blade, where you press the onion against it and then move up it up and down to slicer.
  • Alligator – It has two parts that look like a jaw, with several sharp blades.
  • Tower – It has bins with lids that come with blades. You use the top part to push the onion through the blades.
  • Slicing guide – It is used to create even onion slices.
  • Food processor – It has slicing attachments for various slices
  • Rotary slicer – You feed the onion in the shoot, and let the rotating blade slice it.
  • Scissors – It looks like a regular pair of scissors, but has multiple blades on both sides.

Take note of these tips when shopping for onion choppers to make sure you purchase the best one for your slicing needs.

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