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Best Side By Side Refrigerator (We Compare The Best 8, Side By Side)

Having reviewed a number of the best side by side refrigerators since 2014 and within the last few years we have gone through a number of fridges, spending countless hours evaluating them so that we can bring you top 10 list. With 30 refrigerators being in our final shortlist, we have managed to get it down to our top 10, looking at the best value, largest capacity amongst many more!

With our favorite and best all round model being the Samsung RS25J500DSR/AA, with the most essential features for a great price. And, not forgetting about the huge space if offers to store a number of different food types.

Best Overall

Best Side By Side Refrigerator

When you take a look at this beautifully designed side by side refrigerator, with its huge freezer space and adjustable shelf heights. You begin to notice that this refrigerator has everything that a family would need inside their home. Meaning that you can keep fresh and healthy food ready for your family to enjoy at any time during the day.

Best Value


When it comes down to pricing, there is not better designed refrigerator than the GE GSS23GKSS. Did we mention that it has not 1 but 4 color options to help match your interior decor? Designed to be incredibly energy efficient and with expertly designed spill proof shelving which also have the ability to be adjusted. It is a no brainer for anyone looking for great features without the huge price tag.

​Biggest Storage Capacity

​LG LSXC22386S

With well managed space for both refrigeration and freezing, the LG LSXC22386S has by far the largest capacity compared to all the other side by side refrigerators we’ve ever reviewed! Not only this, but it comes with a great amount of features and not forgetting about those ingenious adjustable shelves.

Best Side By Side Refrigerators

Best Overall

Best Side By Side Refrigerator

Being one of the most affordable refrigerators currently in our lineup and being one of the best we have come across in our evaluations. The Samsung RS25J500D SR/AA have an average size capacity when you compare it with the other refrigerators we have in our list, but the space that it does have, has been divided up between the freezer and refrigerator in a nicely distributed manner.

One of the minor complaints that we have seen coming about this side by side refrigerator is the amount of drawer space, which is minimal we will admit. Whether that’s in the fridge or freezer side. With no ability to control the temperature and no deli/snack drawers in this refrigerator, it can be a little disappointing. But, there is the ability to control the humidity control “crisper drawer”.


  • ​Adjustable Shelves With Slide Out Feature
  • ​Features Both A Quick Freeze & Quick Cool Section
  • ​Warranty Up To 5 Years With A Sealed System


  • ​Not A Huge Amount Of Drawer Space
  • ​Average In Terms Of Capacity
  • ​No Temperature Control Drawer

Let’s not forget, the shelf space within this model of refrigerator really is quite impressive. With the adjustability of the shelves, as well as the spillproof and slide out features, which give you all the customization you need to ensure that you can get access to your food quickly. Although, the freezer is smaller than the average fridge, it has been well designed with the space it has, with both a quick freeze sections, as well as a quick cool feature too. This means that you can keep your food fresh and if you’ve left your ice cream out a little too long, you can quickly firm it back up again.

With three bins inside of the freezer, not forgetting about the four shelves, there is plenty of space to store the different types of food you may have. The only drawback with the freezer section is that there is only a single drawer which is a little bit of a let down. But, it is not an uncommon sight now in refrigerators of this price range. But don’t let this be a deciding factor, as there is still a ton of shelf space for you to store your food within the freezer.

Best Value


With this model of refrigerator being the best on the market in terms of energy efficiency, you can’t help but wonder how they do it for such a great price. The GE GSS23GKSS has a huge number of features, such as three drawers in which you can store quick snack foods or healthier options such as fruit and vegetables. Not forgetting about the spill proof shelves which are great for families who have clumsy children ( Yes, we all have them! ).

Comparing the capacity to the other refrigerators we have reviewed, you can see that it is above average. With the freezer having the smallest capacity when compared to the other side by side refrigerators we have reviewed in this list. With the space inside the fridge being perfect for all types of foods you may have. With two crisper drawers which are humidity controlled, these are the most ideal for storing your fruit and vegetables. With the inclusion of a snack/deli drawer which will help to keep them separate and easily accessible any time of the day.


  • Ability To Choose From Four Color Options
  • ​Fridge Space Is A Big Positive
  • ​Affordable And Extremely Energy Efficient


  • Small Capacity In The Freezer
  • ​Quick Freeze & Quick Cool Features Are Not Available
  • ​The Space Inside The Freezer Is Laid Out In An Odd Way

With the freezer containing a single basket and a few shelves, 3 in total. If you are looking for a freezer that allows you to store wide and tall items, then the basket within this fridge will be perfect for you. Many people say that they find the basket in the freezer has a little too much space, which means there isn’t a whole lot of room left for shelf items. But, the positive out of this is that there are 3 large door bins which gives you quick access to frozen food. With the fridge being extremely energy efficient, it helps to dramatically reduce your operation and electricity costs, as well as usage.

Not only this, it comes with a four stunning color options which will fit your kitchen’s interior design.

Biggest Storage Capacity

​LG LSXC22386S

Storage is definitely not a concern with this side by side refrigerator. Is has a huge range of versatile storage space and with the total space inside the fridge and freezer being 26.2 cubic feet, this refrigerator has the largest space compared with any other in our list. With the fridge side having a capacity of 17 cubic feet and the freezer being 9.2.

Taking a look into the fridge section, you will find 4 adjustable shelves which means you have a great amount of space in which you can store bigger items than you would usually be able to. With two drawers also available inside, but without temperature or humidity control. If you combine everything such as the bins in the fridge with the door in door storage, this means there is a total of 9 bins! ( Yes you heard that right, 9 bins! ). This means you have a huge amount of storage, so that all the items in your fridge are easily accessible. Not only is this side by side refrigerator one of only four models which we are comparing which is energy star certified.

The cost of running this fridge is slightly higher which is mainly due to the large capacity it has, but the higher cost is minimal in comparison to other models in the list. With the freezer section of this fridge having clear drawers, which means it is easy for you to locate the food that you are looking for a lot easier. Looking at the space of the freezer, it contains 3 door bins and 4 shelves. Also inside of the freezer door, there is an ice maker which means you can get quick access to ice when you need it! ( Perfect for those warm summers when you need a cool refreshing drink ). With a fancy touch control system, you can setup the lockout feature which will allow you to control who can dispense ice and when.


  • Largest Capacity Refrigerator In Our List Currently
  • ​Slide Out Adjustable Shelves
  • ​10 Year Insurance On Your Linear Compressor


  • ​No Drawer With Humidity Control
  • ​No Drawer With Temperature Control
  • ​Little In The Way Of Extras

A really need thing which LG have added, is an alarm to let you know that the fridge door has been left open. If you’re worried about this side by side refrigerator standing out against your kitchen’s decor, don’t worry. There are 3 colors to choose from, these are: dark granite, black stainless steel & stainless steel which will not only help you to match your interior color, but also match up to your existing appliances.

With a 1 year warranty for you parts and labor and a 5 year sealed system warranty too, which gives you great confidence when purchasing. The linear compressor which is found within this unit, is insured right up to 10 years, which means you can rely it on if something was to go wrong with the cooling system before the 10 years is up.

Largest Freezer Space

​Electrolux EI26SS30JS

Packed full of features, the Electrolux EI26SS30JS has a lot to offer and belongs in our review list. This being another of the energy efficient unites we have in this list, receiving an energy star for its energy efficient performance.

Straight out of the gate there is a vacation mode feature, this places your fridge into an energy saving state. The way that this mode is activated is when the fridge has remained unopened for at least 24 hours. There is a chilled drawer which vents chilled air directly into the contents of the drawer, which keeps them extra cold. The refrigerator side has the largest in terms of capacity as well as boasting a large amount of space inside the freezer. The space inside of this refrigerator is well organized and there is a number of ways to store different food items.


  • ​Huge Amount Of Space Within The Fridge & Freezer


  • ​Adjustable Shelves & Slide Out Shelves Would Really Help Improve This Side By Side Refrigerator

With two large sized drawers, you are able to keep a number of large items separate, with these still being extremely accessible. Not only this, but there are smaller drawers above them too. With a huge number of shelves and door bins, there is space to store all kinds of items, such as vegetables, fruit juice and even those frozen dinners we all love. You may be thinking this fridge is expensive with all these features and storage space, but it isn’t the most expensive fridge that we have reviewed. It is on the higher end of the price spectrum and doesn’t have the slide out shelves unlike the other models that we have reviewed. To look at, it is a beautifully designed appliance, which offers a huge number of features and storage space adequate for a large family.

​Best Side By Side Refrigerator For Energy Efficiency

​Electrolux EI26SS30JS

If you’re looking for a stunning yet energy efficient side by side refrigerator with a few extras and a good number of features then the KitchenAid KRSF505ESS is for you. With a total of 3 refrigerator drawers, two of which have a temperature control which allows you to keep your vegetables fresh and crisp for longer.

Want to have someone to store your wine or other bottles to keep them cool for when you’re ready to drink them? Well, there is a special rack which is built into this refrigerator which is designed to take up less space than if you were to lay the bottle on a shelf. You have the ability to choose from 4 different colors to ensure that it fits within your interior decor. The color choices are: white, stainless steel, monochromatic stainless steel and black stainless steel.


  • ​Great Space Inside, Well Organised For Storing Multiple Different Food Items
  • ​Extremely Cost Efficient To Run


  • ​Most Expensive In Our Lineup So Far

Although this fridge doesn’t have the largest capacity when compared with the others on this list, it does feel bigger due to how well organized the space inside is. Being one of the four models on our list that is energy efficient, means that it has the energy star certification. Drawing a smaller amount of energy when comparing it with the other side by side refrigerators on our list and costs a lot less to run, even when you put it up against those with a smaller capacity.

It does lack some great features such as adjustable shelves, as well as missing the quick cool and quick freeze feature we all know and love. For the price, we would love to have seen some greater features, but overall we can’t say it’s a bad fridge!

​Important Things To Look For When Buying A Side By Side Refrigerator

The Economic Utilization Of Electricity

When buying side by side refrigerators, you should ensure that they could utilize your electricity well depending on your house. They allow for easy as well as convenient access to both the frozen and fresh food portions of the unit since the doors often run parallel to one other and provide equal spacing for the two sides.

Personal research is key on the electricity usage per hour to help you gauge on whether you would buy one or not. Considering the side-by-side refrigerator, that is split half vertically, thus shelving areas that are narrower for both the frozen and fresh sides not accommodate bigger items, which other refrigerator styles might not hold.

The Size Of Side By Side Refrigerators

During your purchase, you should ensure that you consider the size when making your choice. When you do a proper research on the size that would match the needs of your family, you will always get a good deal during your purchase. You should get a side by side refrigerator model that has adjustable shelves capable of holding even larger items. In the end, the right size should satisfy the needs of your family members.

The Code Of Side By Side Refrigerators Available

You must do your research on the cost if you want to get a good deal. The market has affordable Side-by-side refrigerators, which you can buy depending on your family needs. When you do a perfect market research and comparison, you will get bottom or freezer styles of modern refrigerators, which would satisfy your needs. Never should you pay more when you can get better deals in the market.

The Size Of Your Kitchen

A side-by-side refrigerator is always a good choice for individuals with smaller kitchens and doesn’t need as much as clearance space to accommodate their new appliances. If you have a narrow space, you should buy it since it makes it more convenient in terms of accessibility. With the help of an interior design, you can learn on how you can arrange your kitchen depending on the available space and number of appliances that you want to accommodate.

Look For Style

The market today has modern standard 3-door style Side-by-side refrigerators, which you can buy if you want to look trendy. In addition, you can always buy advanced 4-door models that include 2 separate freezer area spaces, which allow you to adjust both the humidity and temperature depending on the needs of your stored foods. You will always get something in the market that would make your kitchen to look modern and stylish.

In conclusion, the above complete side by side refrigerator buying guide, you will learn on how to get best deals in the market as you buy.

​Support And Warranty

With all appliances that the manufacturers produce coming with a warranty, it can really help give you piece of mind knowing that the manufacturer has a lot of pride in the products they produce. Not only this, but it is nice to know you are covered incase anything was to go wrong. Not all of the warranties offered on the appliances in this list are the same. But with the bare minimum warranty on most of the side by side refrigerators being the coverage of parts and labor for a single year.

With a number of manufacturers offering additional warranty on their sealed systems, even on the compressor! With 5-7 years being the normal time period, but 10 years is definitely the best option currently out there.

Refrigerators are not usually an appliance that you would need much advice or help with, but it also good to know that the manufacturers are there to support you in case something goes wrong. With online access to user guides and a wide knowledge forum of people sharing the same problem as you, it can be really easy to find a solution to any problem you may have. Not only this but there are also options to email and telephone to get in touch with the customer service teams.

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