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2000 Calorie Meal Plan

By NutritionTrend / December 7, 2016

Counting calories may seem tiresome to others but it’s actually a really effective way to lose weight. In fact, many meal plans have been developed as a result of this technique. Instead of studiously counting your calories for every meal, you just need to prepare a meal plan for the whole day with the idea […]


The Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods With The Highest Potential Pesticide Residue

By NutritionTrend / July 19, 2016

Many people are now diligently checking whether the food they’re eating is labeled organic.  This is because organic food is grown naturally and is not subjected to genetic modifications, synthetic products and worst of all, large amounts of pesticides. Eating organically grown meat, fruits and vegetables has numerous benefits.  The risk of developing cardiovascular conditions […]


13 Best Recipes Under 300 Calories

By NutritionTrend / July 14, 2016

We all know that it is sometimes difficult to measure out the calories we consume from the foods we eat. Though it may not be that significant when eating too much, it may become a health risk in the future. Selecting the foods we eat is not enough because we need to consider how much […]


12 Perfect Food Pairs For Outrageous Health Benefits

By NutritionTrend / July 14, 2016

Some food combinations are more than just tasty. They are also capable of improving your overall health. Here are 12 perfect food duos that offer outrageous health benefits. Perfect Food Pairs 1. Broccoli and Tomatoes Tomatoes and broccoli have cancer-fighting abilities that you should not ignore. Researchers have found that consuming broccoli and tomatoes regularly […]


Top 10 Foods Targeting Lower Belly Fat Reduction

By NutritionTrend / July 11, 2016

0 shares Pin0 You should know by now that there are serious health consequences when you live an unhealthy lifestyle, especially when you have fat stores around the midsection. The fat under your skin, also known as subcutaneous fat, should not only be your focus. The worst fat is the one that forms around your […]


8 Undisputed Best Foods for Rapid Fat Loss

By NutritionTrend / July 11, 2016

0 shares Pin0 Excess body fat is one of the worst enemies of most people across the globe. It is true that you need body fat to stay healthy and protected, but too much can be bad for the health. In fact, excess fat can lead to serious health problems, such as heart disease and […]


6 Weird Ways Watermelon Juice Is The Perfect Juice To Drink

By NutritionTrend / July 11, 2016

0 shares Pin0 Watermelon is a tasty, refreshing and healthy fruit. Research shows that eating this yummy fruit, or drinking it in its juice form, can bring significant health benefits to the body. Below are six great reasons why you should consider eating watermelon, or even better, drink it as a fresh fruit juice. Watermelon as the Perfect […]


The Top Before, During & After Running Foods

By NutritionTrend / July 7, 2016

Running gives many people the boost they need to maintain a sound mind and a healthy body. While it is important to start a run with a warm up and end it with a cool down stretch, you should never neglect proper nutrition. Your body needs a constant supply of fuel to keep it efficient, […]


66 Snacks For Slimming, All Under 100 Calories

By NutritionTrend / July 6, 2016

0 shares Share0 Pin0 One of the most difficult parts of losing or maintaining weight is knowing what foods to snack on – There’s so much conflicting information! Here is the ultimate low-calories snacking guide with 66 snacks (and recipes) with less than 100 calories! Sweet 1. Chocolate Banana – ½ banana, frozen and dipped […]

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