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66 Snacks For Slimming, All Under 100 Calories

By NutritionTrend / July 6, 2016

0 shares Share0 Pin0 One of the most difficult parts of losing or maintaining weight is knowing what foods to snack on – There’s so much conflicting information! Here is the ultimate low-calories snacking guide with 66 snacks (and recipes) with less than 100 calories! Sweet 1. Chocolate Banana – ½ banana, frozen and dipped […]


How To Make A Fat Burning Smoothie

By NutritionTrend / October 5, 2015

204 shares Pin204 Fat burning smoothies are the newest trend in dieting and with good reason; they really do work! There are many ways on how to make a fat burning smoothie but for the purpose of this article we will put our focus on green smoothies.Green smoothies are the best for burning fat because they are chock full of fiber and very low in  fat. Anyone can make them but there is actually an art to doing so. This means that it may take  practice to get your recipe nailed down properly. To help you do this you should keep the  following 7 tips in mind. Tip 1: The first thing to remember is to just say no – to dairy products! ​Yes, also means no milk and no yogurt even though these are considered healthy food items. If you are concerned with not getting enough calcium, keep in mind that you will get […]


Top 10 Juicing For Weight Loss Recipes

By NutritionTrend / September 7, 2015

When done properly juicing is one of the best ways to lose weight. Most juices contain no fat but do include a wide range of vitamins and minerals, making juicing a great way to incorporate essential fruits and vegetables into your diet.Of course, this does require determination and effort: purchasing juice from the store won’t […]