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13 Best Recipes Under 300 Calories

By NutritionTrend / July 14, 2016

We all know that it is sometimes difficult to measure out the calories we consume from the foods we eat. Though it may not be that significant when eating too much, it may become a health risk in the future. Selecting the foods we eat is not enough because we need to consider how much […]


Top 10 Foods Targeting Lower Belly Fat Reduction

By NutritionTrend / July 11, 2016

0 shares You should know by now that there are serious health consequences when you live an unhealthy lifestyle, especially when you have fat stores around the midsection. The fat under your skin, also known as subcutaneous fat, should not only be your focus. The worst fat is the one that forms around your vital […]


8 Undisputed Best Foods for Rapid Fat Loss

By NutritionTrend / July 11, 2016

0 shares Excess body fat is one of the worst enemies of most people across the globe. It is true that you need body fat to stay healthy and protected, but too much can be bad for the health. In fact, excess fat can lead to serious health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. […]


Why The Watermelon Diet Is The Easiest Diet You’ll Ever Try

By NutritionTrend / January 19, 2016

0 shares Fad diets become popular because they help people lose weight quickly. The watermelon diet is a perfect example of such weight loss program. Aside from helping in dropping off the excess body weight, this diet also naturally detoxifies your system. It allows you to shed the unwanted inches without going hungry. In fact, […]


Top 20 Fat Burning Foods

By NutritionTrend / December 2, 2015

0 shares Try These Fat Burning Foods to Lose WeightIt’s true. There are actually foods which could make you get a slimmer body when you eat them.Listed below are some of the natural foods for women to help burn those unwanted pounds.Thanks to the thermogenic effect on the human body, some of these foods literally […]


The Most Effective Ketogenic Diet Plan Revealed

By NutritionTrend / November 24, 2015

The primary objective of a low carb or ketogenic diet plan is to help you achieve a high metabolic state called ketosis. It’s a standard metabolic process in which your cells burn certain fragments of fats called ketones for energy. The body stops using glucose for producing energy.According to health experts, ketosis is a very […]


The Green Tea Weight Loss Guide

By NutritionTrend / October 21, 2015

3.2K shares If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while you’ve probably heard somewhere that green tea is good for you, but what exactly does that mean? How much weight can it help you lose? Why does it help you lose weight? How much should you drink if your main goal is to […]


15 Ways to Quit Sugar + 4 Alternatives to Sugar

By NutritionTrend / October 21, 2015

Everybody knows sugar is bad for you, but most of us are addicted to it anyway. It’s in just about everything these days and most people in the Western world have found themselves on a constant sugar-based energy roller coaster, never really feeling good for very long.6.7K shares Cutting sugar out of your diet won’t […]


12 Best Pre-Workout Meal Ideas

By NutritionTrend / October 12, 2015

3 shares You probably know it’s important to eat something before you work out but have you thought      about what you should be eating before your workouts? Anything healthy is great but for the  ideal workout you need the right combination of carbohydrates and protein.Next time you’re getting ready to work out try one of these pre-workout meals:1. Oatmeal We’re not talking about instant oatmeal packs here. Stick with whole oats and add a little bit of  cut up fruit to make this meal more interesting. Oats have loads of fiber, which stimulates the    release of carbohydrates—and therefore energy into your body. A touch of honey can make oats sweeter without weighing you down.2. Fruit Smoothies photo credit: Raspberry Yoghurt Parfait via photopin (license) This delicious snack makes the perfect pre-workout meal. For an extra protein boost try to incorporate nuts into your smoothies (almond milk is a great way to do this). Some of the best fruits for a pre-workout smoothie are bananas, blueberries and pineapple.3. Chickpeas photo credit: Chickpeas via photopin (license) Chickpeas are among the most nutritious vegetables out there and you can eat them raw with a touch of lemon juice for flavour for best effect. Homemade hummus with whole wheat pitas can also be a great way to get the protein boost from chickpeas, but make sure you stick with whole wheat pitas.4. Dried Fruit Add Media This is an ideal breakfast for anyone who rushes right out the door for their workout. You can get a massive energy boost from just a handful of dried fruit. Some of the best options are dried  apricots, berries and pineapple. You’ll want to eat about a quarter cup.5. Whole Grain Toast photo credit: via photopin (license) Whole grains are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates and a range of nutrients. Add some  jam (preferably without any added sugar) or half of a sliced up banana to give yourself an extra energy boost.6. Yogurt Parfait photo credit: _DSC3001 via photopin (license) 3 shares You’ll want to stick with Greek yogurt for the best effect, but yogurt is one of the best pre-workout snacks you can have. Sprinkle a touch of almond slivers or dried fruit on top for an extra nutritional boost. During the summer you can also add fresh berries.7. Cottage Cheese photo credit: cheese & […]

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