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Honest Venus Factor Review - Nutrition Trend

Honest Venus Factor Review

There are a lot of weight loss programs in the market today, new diets programs, like eating according to your blood types to juicing diets or exercise routines like CrossFit to Insanity.

Needless to say, I was apprehensive when I was introduced to The Venus Factor Diet Program, a diet and exercise program just for women. However I’ve heard rave reviews about the program hence I threw caution to the wind, bought and tested it.

What you will be reading is my honest opinion about The Venus Factor; which means, the good and the bad. Unlike other reviews sites that only highlight the positives I will not be omitting the negatives, so you can make an informed unbiased decision.

My Honest Venus Factor Review

I will briefly introduce Venus Factor and the creator, how the program work, what is inside the program, what type of end results you are getting, the advantages and disadvantages about Venus Factor, success stories from real users and my take on its level of success.

The Venus Factor Program: What is it?

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program invented by a well-known weight loss celebrity, best-selling author and nutritionist John Barban, especially for women looking to lose excess weight.

It is a 12-week program designed to rebalance the hormones in women responsible for appetite and weight gain. The system has nothing to do with silly exercise machines, pre-packaged diets or weird berry pills.

The Venus Factor has been finely tuned and tested on real women to produce real results. It work on crafting your body to get used to a maintenance amount of calories for long lasting results.

John Barban: Who is he?

Here is a snapshot of who John is:

  • Has a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from University of Guelph
  • Has a Masters in Human Biology and Nutrition from University of Guelph
  • Graduate of Exercise Physiology from University of Florida
  • Professor and Researcher of Exercise Physiology at University of Florida
  • Worked as a varsity strength and conditioning coach
  • Currently working in the dietary and sports supplement industry

His products includes: 

  • MuscleTech
  • NxLabs
  • Slimquick
  • ADS
  • BlueStar Nutraceuticals
  • Empowered Nutrition Products
  • John Barban Workout

As you can see from the above, John is no newbie when it comes to the fitness and weight loss industry with a lot of successful fitness products under his belt.

So, how does The Venus Factor work?

First up, you need to know that the bodies of women and men work differently, hence both should diet differently when trying to lose weight.

Leptin is a fat burning hormone which speeds up metabolism. It can be found in our bodies and women have twice as much leptin as men.

However, women’s bodies naturally becomes more resistant to leptin as they grow older, leading to storing of fat in their bodies. When women diet, the leptin levels drop twice as much and twice as fast as compared to men who diet.

The Venus Factor is created to reverse leptin resistant in women via dietary changes and a 12-week exercise plan. The program is designed to rewire your body system to its most effective fat burning state so the fat loss process is simple and even enjoyable.

Diet Plan

The diet program consists of eating different number of calories on different days and you can use the Virtual Nutritionist Software Program included in the program to help in your calculations.

Do not worry about ever going hungry, in fact, you might even need to eat more on certain days to metabolise the food efficiently.

Exercise Plan

The workouts are shorter and requires more strength work. Studies have shown that we burn fat at lower intensities and improve our cardiovascular fitness at higher intensities.

The 12-week program comes with over 140 exercise designed for women to burn fat. You can do it just 3 times a week and these include weights supersets and pyramid style reps to target cellulite and increase leptin sensitivity.

The exercise program is manageable and it gives you more energy the more you are into the program.

What is inside The Venus Factor Fat Loss System?

  1. The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide

This guide book will educate you on the food that raise your leptin level and how to avoid them. Learn the right type of food to eat to increase the effectiveness of leptin.

Some programs focus only on diets which is not effective as you will gain the weight back after the diet stops. Research has shown working out is just as important which is why The Venus Factor has an exercise routine for you.

The important part of weight loss is maintaining and this system does just that. Overall, The Venus Factor  is created to make you stronger, healthier and toned with lasting changes via eating and exercising right.

  1. The 12-Week Venus Factor Workout Videos

You can download the videos and access it anytime and anywhere; use it at home or in the gym. The video gives you get a step by step, easy to follow workout.

  1. The Virtual Nutritionist Software App

This useful app automate the eating process by counting calories and proteins in your diet and measuring them against your ideal numbers. Not a bad way to save money on hiring a nutritionist.

  1. The Venus Index Podcast

A motivational and inspirational tool for you to listen to success stories of other women in the program just like you.

  1. Access to Venus Immersion – online community of Venus Factor members

If the podcasts aren’t enough motivation for you, there is the Venus community to support you at every step of the way. Read inspirational stories, share great recipes and discuss breakthrough in weight loss from peers.

What is the end results of using The Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor system is designed to produce high energy levels and boosted metabolism. Not only that, you will have no cravings for “forbidden” food, no weight loss plateaus and most important of all, a permanent fat loss from female problem areas like stomach, thighs, hips and butt.

I will need to stress that everyone is different, hence  different biochemistry, leading to different results. However you can read stories about people losing 20, 30, 40 pounds in the first 3 months. Your results is entirely up to you.

So, what’s the good and bad?

Let’s start with the advantages


  • Very flexible and the diet plan is built around your current lifestyle. If you have unexpected business lunches or social engagement, the diet is flexible to get you through.
  • Shows you how to remodel your body through healthy eating and doing the right exercises.
  • Easy to follow workout routine with videos and images.
  • Nutrition plan with a ‘cheat’ day to boost your metabolism while keeping you happy and motivated.
  • Extensive research into the workout that is scientifically tested and proven to work.
  • Fat loss targeted on problem areas like the stomach, thighs, waist, butt.
  • Reducing cellulite is more effective as compared to other programs.
  • Very good customer service, all customers queries are addressed within 24 hours.
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t enjoy the product or if you didn’t get the result you want


  • This is more total body transformation, if you are looking to target just one problem area, then this is not for you.
  • It is a little hard to stay motivated initially when you do not see the results at the beginning.
  • You really need discipline and hard work to follow the routine and change your way of eating and exercise.
  • It is designed only for women.
  • You will need some gym equipment like weights, bar, stability ball.
  • The selling technique can be quite long and pushy.

Success stories from real users

Kelly Hancock from New York, USA said,

In the past I didn’t look exactly the way I wanted and wasn’t able to keep the unwanted weight off. I would always gain and lose 20 pounds every year. It was depressing, frustrating and exhausting. And now? I have a six pack and slim and toned body that I can sustain all year round, but I wouldn’t be able to do that if it wasn’t for Venus Index Workout and the girls in the community.

Roberta Saum, from Gold Run, California,

I was so frustrated with not getting the body I wanted.

It wasn’t until I found Venus Factor that I finally reshaped my body. I wasn’t very skeptical, which probably helped me to get started with the workouts, but there wasn’t really anything to worry about anyway. I just did three months as a test drive and the results blew me away, I completely changed my body and my whole life.

Final Verdict: My honest Venus Factor review

The program will work if you follow through the instructions, you need to spend time and effort on the workout and also have the discipline to stick to the diet. I find it easy to follow and there are tools on how to get started.

I was sceptical in the beginning but due to extensively research and scientific data to back up The Venus Factor, I am convinced that the system works. It is not a magic pill and your success of course, depend on yourself and your level of commitment.

About the author

Katy Cowley

Katy has a great amount of knowledge when it comes to all things health. She has spent time testing out the latest diets, fitness techniques and more to make sure that she can provide you with solid information.