Top Benefits of Juicing Explained

By now, you surely have heard the fast spreading rumors that share the awesomeness of juicing. Probably not the way you would normally hear a rumor. Maybe a fitness obsessed friend told you, or you overheard a few health conscious moms talking about it. Either way you asked yourself, does it work? What are the juicing benefits?

We are here to answer all of your questions, and the ones you did not ask. You body is important to you and it should be. We have done a bit of research on the subject and have downed our own fair share of freshly juiced produce. We will go over the benefits below. So your first question probably is, what is all the buzz about?

Juice Over Produce

We bet you did not know that one 16oz juice (the size of an American soda bottle) can give you more nutrients than 10 apples, 8 pounds of spinach, and 2 pounds of carrots. Crazy right? First of all, who eats that many fruit and vegetables in a day? We all probably wish we did but we would vomit before we got to the second pound of spinach. When you consume a nutrient filled beverage your body absorbs the healthy minerals much faster and because of that, it absorbs more of these important body builders.

Let’s talk about juicing itself. It is a verb right? So why do people make it themselves as opposed to just buying it from the store? Sounds a lot easier and faster to us, anyway. Well, fruits and vegetables contain nutrients and minerals that are eliminated by heat and time. The moment you slice an apple it starts to lose its nutritional value. By the time store bought juices are heated, processed, and refrigerated, is there really anything left? Getting your fruits and veggies fresh from your local supermarket and juicing the heck out of them is a good way to keep as much of the good stuff available for you to consume.

Juice Benefits

Now that you know why juicing is beneficial, what is really left is how your body is going to respond to receiving significantly more nutrients. We know what you are thinking. We should be getting the nutrients anyway right? Sadly, most people do not consume the recommended values. There is more than one reason to get with the juicing program, and we will tackle them one by one.

  1. Prevent illness - When your body is receiving all of the healthy materials it should, naturally your immune system will kick into high gear. You pretty much are bringing a gun to a knife fight. Colds do not stand a chance.
  2. Boost your energy - Your body starts to naturally burn carbs instead of energy because you have activated enzymes that allow it to do so.
  3. Help you with weight Loss - Like we just said, you are burning carbs. This is one of those things that is not assumed, it is fact. Science proves that proper nutrition greatly affects the metabolism of individuals.
  4. Positive effects on your physical complexion - You are already beautiful, but imagine if your skin was even more perfect than it is now. When you juice you are getting rid of toxins in your body that cause blemishes and irritate the skin. Within a few days, you will radiate and shine like never before, literally!

If these benefits do not make you run to the store immediately to buy a juicer and a few pounds of fresh apples, bananas, cucumbers and celery, we do not know what will! To us, it sounds like a great improvement to our regular McD’s and BK routine. And best of all, it tastes so good!

Of course, juicing is not for everyone… we are kidding, it is a MUST for everyone. Even if you are not juicing every day you definitely should plan to make it a part of your weekly nutrition. You will notice improvements in mood, energy, and immediate health fast! If we told you it would prevent cancer you would do it right? We cannot say that of course, we are no scientists. But, the juicing benefits are listed above and are not a lot of those things related to the prevention of harmful cells? We think so. Make the choice to live just a little bit healthier and drink a tall glass of fresh life.

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Katy Cowley

Katy has a great amount of knowledge when it comes to all things health. She has spent time testing out the latest diets, fitness techniques and more to make sure that she can provide you with solid information.